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sabato, 20 Aprile, 2019
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Ash Kickers – Roller Derby Sigonella

Ash Kickers – Roller Derby Sigonella

Fondazione: marzo 2013

Città: Sigonella (CT)

Colori: bianco e nero


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3 weeks ago

Ash Kickers Sigonella Derby League

Miracle Whips Roller Derby Trainer
"In practice, I do really well, but when it comes to game day, some form of shyness takes me over and I do not perform as well as I know I can."

Sounds familiar, right? To answer this, I tried to break down the solution I applied through the years into three simple concepts which I started coaching to others. This video was recorded during my last clinic in Warsaw, Poland. I added captions to make it easy to understand (click on Options to turn the captions on)

1️⃣ Practice your AWARENESS, the ability to see beyond yourself, and practice your CONSCIOUSNESS, the ability to be in the present moment in a state of creativity.
🔹 Move with purpose. Be active. Observe the reactions you create.

🔹 Choose your path. Practice listening to that voice in your head that tells you it's the right one. Practice resisting the one that tells you that you may fail.

3️⃣ Practice CHANGING GEAR
🔹Now that you chose a path, COMMIT to it. Go fast and hard!

Be the shark.🦈 Move with purpose. Be the one who's active, and force your opponents to be reactive. Be aware when this dynamic of power changes, when you're now the one reacting. When this happens, create chaos again to get the control back.

And above anything else, practice spotting hesitation and doubt in your mind when they manifest themselves. Imagine a bell ringing every time you have one of these thoughts. 🔔

Fear is what forbids us from facing our true selves, so let's be grateful that roller derby offers us the opportunity to reveal our character through extreme situations.

So don't be afraid to commit fully! You may like the person you discover yourself to be.


Many thanks to the Warsaw Hellcats Roller Girls for hosting a fantastic weekend of training! I loved working with you all!

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11 months ago

Ash Kickers Sigonella Derby League

Oh man!

Miracle Whips Roller Derby Trainer
Jammer Trick: The 180 ° Juke!

This is one of my favorites juking techniques! It allows a jammer to make the pass at the very last possible instant, all while keeping eyes on opponents and occupying a very narrow corridor.

Hope you find this one as useful as I do!

Big thank you to my teammates Artoo, Tam Badger and Falcon Punch for taking part in the making of this video!

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